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Accessible Ramp at the Gallery on the Green

The first floor of the Gallery on the Green is now accessible to people with physical handicaps.  Our new ramp was in full use this past weekend for the opening of a retrospective show of Andrew Buck’s photographs.  Andy, who has used a wheelchair for many years, was the invited artist of the Maxwell Shepherd Memorial Arts Fund, with whom the Canton Artists Guild has collaborated many times over the years.  The ramp was made possible by donations of time and money from several organizations and individuals.  We wish to thank:

* Maxwell Shepherd Memorial Arts Fund for its initial gift of $1,000,

* Jeff and Marcia Reid Marsted for their gift of $500,

* Shirley Mae Neu and Frank Haviland for their gift of $500,

* Many other financial donors whose gifts made the purchase of materials possible, 

* Steph Dascanio who acted as the primary builder of the ramp,

* Dick Ivany, Frank Haviland, Judy Cantwell, and Bill and Penny Doyle who helped with the construction,

* and Kent McCoy for the architectural design of the ramp and for seeing the project through Town Planning and Zoning.