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Stephen Wilson
My interest in photography goes back to childhood, but it wasn’t until I retired that I began to pursue it more seriously. For the past few years, I have focused almost exclusively on creating fine art prints of water reflections. This interest grew out of photographing fall colors and discovering that, for me, the reflections of trees on a pond or stream were more interesting than the trees themselves. The more I experimented with the concept, the more intrigued I became with its possibilities.
The combination of the reflected object, the movement of the water, and the camera’s shutter speed produces fascinating images which are ordinarily not visible to the human eye. With an almost unlimited variety of natural and manmade subject matter, the images have a wide range of shape, pattern, and color. Sometimes representational, sometimes not, they are often distorted by the water’s movement. They appear to be more the product of a painter’s brush than a photographer’s camera, as the water becomes the canvas and the reflection the paint.
Stephen Wilson: