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My work is a personal investigation of my own consciousness and the language of painting to express the mystery, terror and sweetness of the human condition.
I depict interior, domestic spaces as repositories of memories and dreams. The passage of time, disquieting and inexorable, is countered by images of security and confinement such as rooms, containers, and furniture. Doorways, arches, and triangular beams of light serve a dual purpose as geometric compartments and as metaphors for psychological states.
Fragments of landscape (trees, woods and flowing water) and faces (portraits, self-portraits and art historical figures) allude to the overpowering and uncontrollable forces of nature.
I use watercolor and gouache primarily, finding the play of transparency and opacity and the thin edge between control and the medium’s capacity for the unexpected most appropriate for expressing my intentions.
Patty Weise:
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Mary Magdalene28.5” x 20.5” watercolor, gouache and ink
Upstairs Gallery/