Sacrifice 36 x 48 oil
Michelle Thomas
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Michelle works in a variety of mediums from oil paint, acrylic, watercolor, pastels, pen and ink, Various drawing materials to ceramics and mixed medium. Her love of creating keeps her open to the v.ast possibilities inherent in various mediums whether worked on independently or combined together. Michelle will then osculate between tight rendering and loose brushwork. There is an exciting energy surge as the process of creation emerges, showing itself on the surface. Michell may let the color ground show through untouched, as well as build up sections with glazes w hile in other places she scratches through multi-layered areas to reveal the underlying surface. Adding different mediums is a stimulating choice as well.
Her personal belief expresses a person as a vessel full of unique experiences and intricacies. Michelle believes the human psyche is made up of many layers; some presented just at the surface while others are buried deep within and to understand a person you must scratch through the surface to get to the deeper and sometime more stimulating layers. Her love of humanity gives her the motivation to embrace and celebrate people as complex beings with enriched histories worthy of respect. She then translates her beliefs into creative energy and this is represented in the selection and treatment of the materials she uses.
Michelle never locked into a specific choice of medium but rather fell in love with the process of creation and relates the different mediums to the vast differences in people. Each mediums has its own unique properties and way of allowing the subject to emerge. Whether the subject is living or inanimate her goal is to show the essence of these complexities in one visual experience.
A dichotomy exists of quiet intensity in both the artist and her work.