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I have created a method of art making that combines my interests in art, nature and science. Observed changes in weather fronts, cloud formations, and shifts in light and color inform my work. Atmospheric conditions constantly change; countless precise, invisible adjustments are ceaselessly processed, balanced, and realigned. These systems are vital and alive to me. I follow the days, the seasons and cycles of the year, in an attempt to capture both the change and the changeless in this vast aerial system of ours. This approach to my subject and work process I call The Weather Project.
My usual practice is to begin work outdoors creating color sketches and drawings. Then I move into the studio to produce a number small studies, working in different media in an effort to capture what Iíve observed. I work alternately in graphite, ink, oil pastel, gouache, acrylics and oils. I find it very freeing to work in small format; it enables me to try many different approaches until I find exactly what I am searching for and then, from these small explorations, I create my larger works.
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Atmosphere (Sunrise) no.1 Acrylic 24x30