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I have been an art student, artist and art teacher all of my adult life. I find deep satisfaction and creative expression both as an artist and as an art educator. I have taught students of all ages and abilities and have helped many to realize that they too had the talent and interest to pursue careers in the arts. I retired from full time art teaching in the public schools several years ago and now work privately with high school and middle school students. I guide them through the portfolio preparation process and help them to choose the right school, get scholarship money and explore careers.
I have always enjoyed drawing, painting, design and soft sculpture but have become focused on printmaking in the last few years. I have taken advanced printmaking classes at Trinity College and Hartford Art School which have afforded me long hours in the studio and the benefit of feedback from instructors and colleagues.
This year I switched from traditional, acid-bitten metal plate etching to solar plate etching. Experimenting with a wide variety of new inks, paper and images is very exciting and the solar plate method is much healthier and environmentally friendly. I now have a press and a printmaking studio in my home which allows me to do my own work more easily and to share this wonderful medium with my students.
Deborah Sacks
Artist/ Educator
29 Candlewood Lane
Avon, CT 060010 673-2641
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