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Jim Koplar
My choice of subject matter varies from season to season as I enjoy exploring and challenging my abilities. Sometimes I am called to portraiture, either in graphite or pastel and sometimes oil. The human face is always an interesting and personal subject and always presents a new awareness each time I encounter one.
The cold New England winters find me inside more often and working from images I have acquired through out the year. They range from architecture to vehicular cast offs left to rest in fields and old garages to landscapes and still life themes. Although I have dabbled in art for as long as I can remember, I do feel as if I am really coming into my own within the last five years as my latest body of work will attest to.
One of my passions besides creating art is to teach others to find their own inner artist through workshops and private lessons. Regardless of age and past beliefs, I think that when the art of drawing has been properly presented, the student typically finds his own way to express with newfound confidence, personal visual stories about themselves. It is the most rewarding aspect of teaching for me.
I hope you find something in my work that touches you in an affirming way. I try to reflect the universal human experiences through the choice of subject and medium and forever looking ahead to see where the next source of inspiration may come from.
Jim Koplar
16 Gildersleeve Ave.
Collinsville, Ct. 06019