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Frances Hoffnagle
that comes with spring.
Life and art have worked in complement to shape my career as an artist. My early passion for art was kindled in classes for children at the Wadsworth Atheneum. Commitments to family and career as a CPA followed, but my pursuit of the arts continued as an unbroken thread throughout those years. While in college, studying to earn my professional degrees, I pursued a serious concentration in fine art and have continued my arts education at every opportunity, most recently in master classes with acclaimed artist I. S. Levitz.
My passion for art initially found expression through drawing, watercolors and photography. Later, with children grown and career established, my interest in art begged for a deeper expression that I found working with acrylics, a permanent and more liberating medium that allows for fresh and unexpected ways of interpreting the world around me. It allows me to take more risks; to experiment on the canvas; to invent my own language. It invites a dialogue, where the painting speaks to me as I inform the surface, taking the work to a level somewhat beyond visual reality.

Frances M Hoffnagle

P O Box 402 - 48 Wickham's Fancy, Canton CT 06019