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Bob Gingras
I have enjoyed painting, playing my accordion and guitar, since I have been seven years old. Thanks to my Mom, who is the queen of saving many childhood memories, has given some of my first childhood paintings in pen and ink, pastel, and watercolor. I was born in Hartford’s West End, raised and schooled in West Hartford, attending The Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford and graduating from Paier College of Art.
I had two wonderful sons who came early in life, And I quickly realized that my art was not going to be enough to support a family. Therefore, I embarked on a new career in the jewelry business for the next 35 years, becoming a Graduate Gemologist, master jeweler, and owning my own stores. Fifteen years ago my second son moved out and left this note attached to an easel in the basement apartment. It said, “Dad this is your new art studio, your new easel, and the first day of following your dream… Thanks for everything!”
Retiring soon thereafter from the jewelry business, I gave my heart and soul back to my art with my new studio. Since, I have painted more that 40 canvasses. I try to illustrate the beauty and solitude of my favorite flowers and scenes that have brought me many moments of happiness. Freezing each in time for all to enjoy!
Bob Gingras
Paintings, Murals, and specialty tile painting.
Bristol, CT.
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