Figures and faces have provided a vehicle for expression in my art, which has been inspired by personal experiences. Faces in the work, reveal thoughts and intentions, moods and feelings. Body language, in postures and gestures is often used to expand the expressive possibilities of my sculptures incorporating the figure. When the body is combined with other objects in the work, the message becomes more complex and ambiguous so that the piece may have layers of meaning. Over time, I have created a visual autobiography in which each piece of sculpture is like a snapshot of a life experience.

All of the work is made of clay and fired in an electric kiln. The final surface treatment is either accomplished by fuming, exposing the clay to heavy smoke which colors it with golden brown tones, or by painting with acrylics to achieve the desired patina.

I have had six solo exhibitions of my sculpture, including a one person exhibition at The New Britain Museum of American Art. My work is featured in "500 Figures in Clay", a book published by Lark Books and "Best of America, Sculpture Artists and Artisans."

Betty A. Gerich
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