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Grace Epstein
I have enjoyed drawing and watercolor painting since childhood. Drawing and painting outside was a way to connect with nature. As an adult I also engaged for several years in calligraphy and ceramics and I loved the 3D experience but always pulled drawing and painting into my work. A few years ago, as my 3 daughters took flight, I put down the pen and clay to focus on painting. Between vegetable gardening, rowing and teaching art at Ethel Walker School I have carved out a weekly painting schedule. It is a brand new art adventure just brimming with opportunity!
For now my painting focuses on realistically representing what is personally meaningful. I believe that being engaged in creative activity empowers and nurtures the individual. Growing your own food gets your hands dirty and is truly satisfying. Knitting your own mittens warms your hands and soul twice; while knitting them and then wearing them. Making your own bread is exciting; setting the stage for the magic of invisible science that changes white dust into magnificent forms (most of the time), hot from the oven. Itís all creative magic and I want people to feel that connection, to be engaged in creation in their lives. It feels good. It gives hope.
Grace Epstein
Simsbury Art Walk - May 19 Simsbury Open Studio artists will be featured in downtown Simsbury