Richard Alan Cohen
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What is it about being on the outside looking in that piques our interest? From the city sidewalk, we are attracted to light, color, and fashion. We are compelled to crave the accessories of a material world. In my images through windows of urban stores, shops, hair salons, and boutiques, I aim to contrast what dazzles us from the outside with the separation of the internal environment and its motives from our outside natural world. The artificial extravagance of these alluring inner spaces is appointed by curious color, eerie light, shiny baubles, and ethereal mannequins. In these images, I aim to document the original intent of the designer to attract the shopper, while framing and developing the images to emphasize what it is that seduces our senses.

Richard Alan Cohen lives and works in the South End of Boston where he still pursues his college double major in art and science. He graduated from Bowdoin College and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His lifetime interest in art derives from his mother, an art teacher and painter, and his father, a house designer and builder. His cityscape photography exposes the seduction of urban inhabitants by contemporary design and style. Natural features that organize otherwise chaotic surroundings are emphasized in his landscapes.