Shift24" x 48"acrylic on plywood
I was raised a Roman Catholic, where it is taught one has to bear oneís cross. The cross is a symbol representing the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, which is the defining event for the Christian faith. I see the cross as a motif I can comment upon with some degree of familiarity due to my Roman Catholic upbringing. The dual nature of the cross; that it is both a joy and a burden intrigues me. I repeat the cross many times in some works as one would repeat verses and signs in the act of praying.
I paint in acrylic on plywood, using a lot of masking in a semi hard-edged manner. I like to build up layers of impasto laid on with putty knife. Lately Iíve been experimenting with collage elements under the layers.
Paul Baylock
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158 Carlton St.New Britain, Ct. 06053860 229-2344
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