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Artist Statement

Thomas A. Rickis

My work consists of watercolors, oils and mixed media. My medium of choice is wa-tercolor. Iíve been experimenting with watercolor/ collagraph (a form of intaglio print making) and Iím now exploring watercolor collage and oil collage. Iím utilizing collage to transform the traditional two dimensional painting medium into a three dimensional visual surface while continuing to paint on flat surfaces.

Although my subject matter may be somewhat representational at times, consisting of traditional landscapes such as barns set in snow scenes and still lives, several of my current paintings are contemporary abstracts and impressionistic landscapes.

In my snow scenes, I like to contrast the warm colors of weathered barn siding with the cool color variations of snow. Iím a minimalist and do not like to overload my paintings with excessive details since my objective is to present to the viewer just enough content to capture a mood or emotion. Several of my paintings convey a peaceful, homelike, intimate realism.

My secondary passion is photography. Iíve been doing photography work for over 25 years. Initially my purpose was to utilize photographs to create paintings (which I still do), but photography has opened up my eyes and mind to additional artistic ex-pressions and subjects.

I find myself constantly analyzing everything around me which provides me with endless possibilities of subject matter for new paintings.